I'm Gurcius Gewdner!

Someone very dear told me to do this blog with my drawnings, and also told me to do it in english because it's more faster and easy to conquer the world in english!

Here in my lands I'm also know as a multifuncional self made man/legend in Underground Cinema and Experimental Music. You probaly can discover more about it on the links above or searching google....

I'm not dead yet, so I hope you enjoy it! If you need me, or want to buy something, write to bulhorgia@gmail.com

I love the world cause I love you all! Take care! Enjoy your life (I'm enjoying mine)!

24 março 2011

The Power of the Bira

That was a great brazilian experimental band from my town, Joinville, in the nineties...

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A wild blumen disse...

Quando eu nem imaginava vir para SC, já me correspondia via zine com eles. Onde andam?