I'm Gurcius Gewdner!

Someone very dear told me to do this blog with my drawnings, and also told me to do it in english because it's more faster and easy to conquer the world in english!

Here in my lands I'm also know as a multifuncional self made man/legend in Underground Cinema and Experimental Music. You probaly can discover more about it on the links above or searching google....

I'm not dead yet, so I hope you enjoy it! If you need me, or want to buy something, write to bulhorgia@gmail.com

I love the world cause I love you all! Take care! Enjoy your life (I'm enjoying mine)!

16 fevereiro 2011

For a Better World

Gig poster for our presentation in "Forum Social Mundial 2005", in Porto Alegre, Brasil.

14 fevereiro 2011

Mini Mú Black


Mini Mú

My Cat!

Ten years Without GG Allin

We did this in 2003, here in Brasil, there's a great video on you tube, I will put here, when I learn to put videos in this...

A Bird doesn't think you're Guilty

Fly away my friend, take me away from here, take me to freedom, holy freedom !!!!

Mustache Sun

The Evil Star, Star of death.. From my movie "Everything Begans When Mommy Meets Daddy"


She's full of love, waiting for perfect moment of rain.

Bird vs Dinossaur

Burt Bacharach

That's the cover for our instrumental cd, 9 songs from my favorite composer in all times.

Sick Elephant

Dead animals, the whole world is suffering.

Even the sun is suffering...

Dinossaur Teeth

Reptiles from the big city, starving for aventure and life. For my movie "Climax".

Molecule (for Nosferatum)

My black and white movie about Medical System. Two Molecules, they are in love, wishing to die together, because that's the meaning of REAL LIFE.

Kissing Worms

That's for other movie: Freddy Breck Ballet, it's for naked ballet dancing.

Golden Sea

This is also from my Panda movie...

Dinossaur (with a dinossaur cock)

This is from my movie "Eu Sou Um Pequeno Panda" (I'm A Little Panda) , my declaration of love for extreme music.

Love Birds

This is for the "Mersalt e a Maquina de Escrever" cd cover, a band from Goiania/Brasil.


Fighting for survival. From a T-shirt. Sometimes I made t-shirts for people that I prefer taken the eye.

Ciclope (from Krull) for Rachel

This is the sensitive Ciclope of this beautifull movie, and I did for my friend Rachel, someone I love more than anything, more than myself.

Old Woman

Poster for the Os Legais final destruction presentation in 2010, in a Happy New Year Gig! What a wonderfull night!

Charles Bronson in the Westerns

Puski & Chatran

Also know as Milo & Ottis.

The Shaggs

Drawning by Pomba, Colors by Me. My favorite Sixtie & Girlie band!

"The Shaggs love you, and love to perform for you. You may
love their music or you may not, but whatever you feel,
at last you know you can listen to artists who are real."